How we engage with you - Our Process
When you come and see us, we make it a pleasurable and painless experience.

First Meeting

All projects include the following initial meeting at a time convenient to discuss your needs and ideas. To help this process pictures or sketches are encouraged. Size, style, requirements, plan costs and timeline for preliminary plans will be discussed. The first consultation is free and we will provide you with a detailed written quote.

Preliminary Design

A basic layout of the floor plans which will include overall dimensions. Windows and doors are shown but size is not necessarily determined. At times a concept plan may not be necessary.


Once the design is in place, we generally meet our client's again to present the drawings and discuss any amendments that may need adjusting. We also discuss approved processes and engineering work.

Project Documentation

We will commence documenting your project to construction standard. We can also issue to our consulting engineer at this point to allow a timely completion of all required drawings and associated documents.

Lodgement of Project

Once all the documentation is approved by you, we can then lodge the set with your local authority, or the relevant certifying authority. You can also lodge the documents yourself if you wish to do so.


Your development is approved and you can hand the plans over to a builder for construction. Our support does not end with the lodgement of the documents. We have an extensive network of builders and service consultants to provide you with contacts for quoting and constructing your project. Multiple quotes provide you with peace of mind that you are receiving the best value.